Kenya Wetlands Forum

Kenya Wetlands Forum is a multi-institutional stakeholder consortium working to promote wetlands conservation and wise use in Kenya. It provides an institutional framework for participation of all wetlands stakeholders in discussions and activities to save Kenya’s wetlands.

We offer a platform for constructive dialogue and discussion, and sharing of ideas for the conservation and sustainable use of wetland resources in Kenya.

The origins of Kenya Wetlands Forum (KWF) can be traced to a series of initiatives on wetlands management and conservation experiences in Kenya over the last two and a half decades.


Why conserve wetlands

Wetlands are areas of land that are permanently, seasonally or occasionally water logged with fresh, saline, brackish, or marine waters, including both natural and man-made areas that support characteristic biota. Globally, wetlands occupy about 6% of the earth's surface. Kenya's wetlands occupy about 3% to 4%, which is approximately 14,000 kilometers square of land surface and fluctuates up to 6% in the rainy seasons.


Threats and Challenges To Wetlands

Wetlands are among the most productive ecosystems due to their functions and attributes. They are essential to the well being of Kenyans as they contribute significant economic and social benefits to the country. Despite their high productivity and provision of many benefits, wetland ecosystems in Kenya are still facing serious threats including;


Our Partners

Kenya Wetlands Forum (Secretariat) is housed at The East African Wildlife Society (EAWS).

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Do you think wetlands are still considered wastelands?


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