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Special promotions 1pcs/lot L298N motor driver board module L298 for arduino stepper motor smart car robot

Special promotions 1pcs/lot L298N motor driver board module L298 for arduino stepper motor smart car robot

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Description :
  L298 N is a high voltage, high current motor driver chip. The chip uses 15-pin package. The main features are : high voltage, maximum operating voltage up to 46 V; output current, instantaneous peak current up to 3 A, continuous operating current of 2 A; rated power 25 W. Contains two H-bridge high-voltage and high current full-bridge driver can be used to drive DC motors and stepper motors, relays, coils and other inductive load; using standard logic level signal control; having two enable control terminal, in allows input signal without being affected or disable the device has a logic supply input, the internal logic circuit part of the work at a low voltage; can be an external sense resistor, the amount of change back to the control circuit. Drive motor using L298 N chip, the chip can drive a two-phase stepper motors or four-phase stepper motor, can drive two DC motors.
Features :   1.The module uses L298 N chip as the main drive, with driving ability, low heat, anti-jamming features. 2.It can be used to take power through the built-in 78 M05 drive power part of the work, but in order to avoid damage to the regulator chip, when a drive voltage greater than 12 V, please use an external 5 V logic supply. 3. Uses high-capacity filter capacitors, freewheeling diode protection, reliability can be improved. Application :   Note :   1. When you drive voltage (the figure identified as 12 V input, can accept the actual input range is 7-12 V) to 7 V -12 V, You can enable the on-board 5 V logic supply, when using the onboard 5 V power supply, interface + 5 V Do not enter the power supply voltage, but can lead to 5 V voltage for external use. (This is the routine use!) 2. When the drive voltage higher than 12 V,equal to less than 24 V (chip can support manual proposes to 35 V, but in accordance with an 298 Conservative general inspection applications to 24 V maximum voltage support has been very great! Time),such as to drive the rated voltage 18 V motor. First, you must unplug the onboard 5 V output enable jumper caps. And then 5 V 5 V output port External Access L298 N internal voltage logic circuitry. (This is a high-voltage driver unconventional application)

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